Tanya had an idyllic upbringing in rural Australia.

From here she took on the big city, completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Asia-Pacific studies) in Melbourne and going on to explore the wider world via a career in international modelling. Two things came out of this – a deep love of foreign cultures and travel and a desire for deeper meaning in life.

In the mid 90s, seeking to expand her experiences and to heal a back injury, Tanya discovered Yoga. It clicked almost immediately and started to provide some

answers to those deeper questions. She completed an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching and promptly set up her unique focus in Corporate Yoga. Combining her earlier studies in business, her learning from old cultures and the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Tanya helps people transition between a demanding external life and the healing ways of understanding and settling the deeper inner life.

Tanya has studied extensively in Australia and India with teachers including Mark Breadner, Sindar Kaur, Simon Borg-Olivier and Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati. She’s also worked with physiotherapists at Sarah Key Physiotherapy Clinic teaching back-care yoga classes.

Tanya helps people to reconnect, restore balance and wellbeing, using one-on-one and small group classes both in corporate settings and privately. She provides Holistic Lifestyle and Postural Assessments and designs unique programs for her clients to help them refine and achieve their goals and move toward their highest potential. Tanya’s passion for yoga and a greater life has seen her expand into the field of Yoga education, joining long-time friend and teacher Mark Breadner in creating YOGACOACH.