Peter Tooth has been practicing as a Somatic Psychotherapist and Trainer in Sydney for over 18 years.

Somatics is about developing and refining our mind-body connections, self awareness and relationships. Our deeply held attitudes and emotions often impact our behaviours and thinking in ways we are not entirely in control of or aware of. Developing more choices really affects the quality of life. Neither our Psychology or Emotional self or Physical self want to be left out of this great adventure.

Peter has studied with many great teachers, bodywork specialists and yogis from around the world and his passion is in passing on many of these self knowledge learnings where appropriate. He believes that of the many balancing acts we deal with; that of being functionally engaged in the present and being warm hearted is one of the best. Peter creates a safe yet experiential learning environment that supports deeper and more sustainable changes.

He is also the founder of Healthy Habits, an organisation providing Mind-Body training, Life Skills, Yoga and Meditation workshops and retreats.